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Got a conference, trade show or class you need a speaker for? I have spoken to a wide variety of conferences and writers’ groups on all aspects of the writing and independent publishing process, helping hundreds of budding authors get started on their way to publishing excellence. With a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and five year’s experience as an elementary school principal, I am competent to speak on a wide variety of school topics, as well, as you can see in Chris’ One Sheet.

Let me give your group the experience I gained while self-publishing 12 of my own books. A former member of the Advisory Board for Hampton Roads Writers, I understand that authors usually only need a nudge to get themselves back on track. Let me give your members that nudge with my presentation and the lively question and answer session which always follows. It’s easy! Email me at chris (at) chriskennedypublishing.com, let me know what you need and I will develop a custom speaking program on a subject/subjects of your choice, as well as a quote for you, at NO obligation!

Need some ideas? Here are some of the topics I’ve spoken about recently:

  1. “Successful Indie Publishing: Bringing Your Book to Market.” This workshop will help attendees navigate the intricacies of independent publishing, from start to finish, showing them what to do and what to avoid in order to bring their book to market and become a successful self-published author. 
  2. “Rising Above the Noise: Maximizing Your Profits with Amazon.Com.” Now that you’ve got a book, how do you get people to find it among the 800,000 books that will be published on Amazon this year? How do you draw attention to your book and get into the Amazon algorithm? You need to know Amazon’s algorithm and how to beat it if you want to maximize your sales. This workshop will show you the path to success Chris used to sell 60,000 books over the last couple of years and have two different #1 Amazon bestsellers!
  3. “Judging a Book by Its Cover: Designing a Cover for Your Self-Published Book.” Research has shown that 53% of a book’s sales are based solely on its cover, so getting it right is critical to your book’s success. You may have the best blurb, but if no one ever picks your book up to read it, you’re not going to get the chance to hook them. It’s your job to know what makes a successful cover, not your graphic designer! This session will not only show you how to design an effective cover for your book, it will also lead you through the production process to get it completed.
  4. “Publicity for Newbies.” With 800,000 new books every year on Amazon, the hardest part of being a successful writer isn’t crafting a great story, but rising above the noise to get noticed. How does an aspiring author (or even an accomplished one) do this? Come to this workshop and find out! 
  5. “Marketing for Newbies.” A common misconception among authors is that your book is your brand. Wrong! YOU are your brand! So…How do you draw attention to your brand and use it to gather sales? Come to this workshop and find out! 
  6. “The Economics of Self-Publishing.” One of the things that scares authors most about self-publishing is having to bear the brunt of all the expenses. Where can you cut corners and where do you have to bite the bullet and shell out some hard-earned cash? More importantly, how do you avoid getting stuck with a 5-figure tax bill come April? Let me show you! 

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